Sunnybrook Residence, Lafayette CA

An addition and whole house remodel to a 1940s-era home, the design goal is to transform a time-worn rancher into an open-plan light filled home with a large central public space, bookended by private bedroom wings on each side.A detached garage in the front yard helps establish a courtyard feel from the street, which is echoed at the rear of the home, as a raised pool and cabana help create an exterior patio environment that transitions smoothly into the living spaces within. This transition is facilitated by an uninterrupted 40ft-long row of sliding glass doors that fills the interior spaces with light. Large flat dormers add a vertical dimension to the interior, along with an open attic loft that provides glimpses to the public rooms below through small openings in the high walls. A long wooden porch that cloaks the entry at the front of the home lends a clean and crisp aesthetic with hints of Japanese design sensibilities. Estimated completion: Spring 2016

architecture and design